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ILYA URIEVICH MUSHEEV, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, is a graduate of the Moscow Dental Institute Semashko (1983).

A leading implantologist surgeon in Israel and Russia with 36 years of experience in the use of dental implants, a practicing physician who works with any complex clinical cases.

He is the author of the fundamental work on implantology for specialists working in the field of dental implants, dentists of all profiles, teachers and students of dental higher educational institutions "Practical dental implantology" (2008), as well as more than 150 publications on implantology.

The founder of the method of simultaneous loading on implants. He is the author of many patents in the field of dentistry. For the DMi IMPLANT system, Prof. Since 2010, Musheev has filed 15 patents on a new design and internal connection of implants, as well as tools for dental implantation, methods of prosthetics on implants and treatment of complications (peri-implantitis) during dental implantation.

Honorary Professor of Novokuznetsk Medical Institute of Advanced Medical Training.

1977-1983 – Medical Dental Institute (N A Semashko)
1983-1984 – clinical residency in orthopedics and adult orthodontics at TSINIS, Moscow
1986 - specialization in the use of laser technologies in dentistry TSINIS, Moscow
1986 - specialization in dental implantology Tashkent Medical Institute
1988 - specialization in maxillofacial surgery, Tashkent Medical Institute
1991-1992 - Advanced training, Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Dentistry.
2015-2016- specialization in general anesthesia in dentistry
1992-2022 - more than 30 courses in implantology, bone augmentation, aesthetic dentistry, soft tissue monitoring, etc.
Professional activity:
1983-1990 – assistant and dentist at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry of the Tashkent Medical Institute.
1990 – present – private dental practice in Israel
1992 - 2008 – one of the leading specialists of the Department of new technologies for the production of dental implants of Alfa-Bio Ltd (Israel)
1993 - 2008 – official representative of Alfa Bio Ltd in the CIS countries
1993-2002-Lecturer in the course of Implantology at the Institute of Advanced Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow.
2000-2015 - Professor of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the Institute of Surgery named after Pirogova (Moscow)
1996-2006 -Lecturer in the course of Implantology at the Institute of Advanced Medical Training in Almaty.
1998 - 2010founder and head of Alfa Stom and Dental Market Almaty Kazakhstan.
1996- present - President of the medical company Interprestij Ltd (Israel)
2010 - present founder and CEO of DMi IMPLANT (USA).
Prof. Musheev I. is:
IDA is a member of the Association of Dentists (Israel)
IAOI is a member of the Israeli Association of Implantologists
RUSTY - Russian Association of Dental Implantology
AAP is a member of the American Association of Periodontists
EAO is a member of the European Academy of Osseointegration
IPOS is a member of the Israeli organization of Periodontics and Osseointegration specialists.

Meetings, Congresses & Courses
02/1991 – Course Osteointegration Implants Modality for oral & maxillofacial rehabilitation, Tel-Aviv, Israel
12/1993 – Implant Surgery Course & Implant Mouth rehabilitation Course, Tel – Aviv, Israel
09/1995 – Certificate of Post – Graduate Instruction of Alpha- Bio Implant System, Tel – Aviv, Israel
04/1996 – International Congress of esthetic dentistry – Tokyo, Japan
09/1997 – 1-st International Symposium for 3i System of Dental Implantology, Tel – Aviv, Israel
03/1998 - Certificate of Instructor of Implant System Alpha-Bio, Tel – Aviv, Israel
02/1999 – Advanced Implantology, Level 2, Tel – Aviv, Israel
02/2000 – Muco – Gingival Surgery, Tel – Aviv, Israel
12/2000 – Cosmetic Dentistry Hands - On course, Tel – Aviv, Israel
10/2001 – International Congress of Implantology – ICOI – DGZI, Baden- Baden
02/2002 – EAO Annual meeting – Brussels, Belgium
09/2002 – Laser Training Courses (Training of dental laser), Florence, Italy
05/2004 – EAED – European Academy of Esthetics Dentistry, Venice, Italy
09/2005 – Dental Implantology Simplifying the challenges, Tel –Aviv, Israel
09/2006 – EAO Annual Meeting – Zurich, Switzerland
12/2007 – ICOI- IAOI – International meeting, Eilat, Israel
10/2010 – Dental World`s Meeting, Shanghai, Chine
Country: Israel
City: Holon
Clinic name: Sidhedent
Clinic address: 84 Sokolow
Clinic email:
Doctor’s email:
Clinic phone: 072544990133
Cellphone: +972 544-990-133
My services: Oral hygiene, Dental implants, Teeth whitening, Dental fillings, Root canal treatment, Tooth extraction, Periodontics, Crown/bridges, Removable dentures, Esthetic dentistry, Orthodontics, Dental restoration
Clinic capabilities: local anesthesia, general anesthesia (sedation), laughing gas
Clinic languages: English, فارسی, עברית, Қазақша, Русский, Тоҷикӣ, Ўзбек
Clinic infrastructure: Wi-Fi, Free parking, Elevator, Accessible to the disabled
Dental tours: No


Monday 08:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 20:00
Thursday 08:00 - 20:00
Friday 08:00 - 13:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday 08:00 - 20:00

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