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Yacob Walzmahn
Tel Aviv, Yeshayahu Hanavi st, 15


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Ilia Mushayev
Holon, 84 Sokolow


Calculate the price of treatment personally for you is a unique calculator of personal price offers for dental treatment, including dental implants, therapy, surgery, orthodontics and aesthetic surgery.

He works as an intermediary between dentists and patients.

Get price offers and a program of any dental treatment especially for you! To do this, you no longer need to visit or call clinics.

To calculate the price of treatment, you will need 2 simple steps:

  1. Upload your dental X-ray to the website. 
  2. Fill in the filters and send a request for price calculation

How it works

Our system will forward your request and X-rays to the relevant dentists. 

As a result, we will send it to your email address:

Is it free?

The calculation of the personal cost of dental treatment is absolutely free for all users of the site. 

Will clinics or representatives call me?

No, the calculation of prices and treatment programs is completely contactless and takes place online.

How many X-ray files should I upload to the site?

You can upload one or more dental X-rays to the site, if you consider it necessary in your particular case. 

To protect your personal data and photos on the Internet, we recommend that you delete your personal data, such as first and last name, from these files before uploading X-rays. 

What kind of X-rays will I need?

I don't have an X-ray of my teeth, but I have a photo

We strongly recommend that you download X-rays of teeth or jaws, as they are the most informative for dentists, orthodontists and dental implantologists.

However, if you don't have an X-ray, you can upload a regular photo of the appearance of your teeth. 

Photos of teeth can also be useful to doctors if you intend to engage in aesthetic dental treatment (whitening, hygienic cleaning, bite correction, restoration).

Partnership for Dentists

If you are a practicing dentist and are ready to expand your business and patient coverage, you can become our partner, to whom we offer favorable terms of cooperation.

For more information about the terms of the partnership, see the section Doctor's Zone.

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