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What is dental prosthetics?

What is dental prosthetics?

Dental prosthetics: restoring a smile and functionality

Dental prosthetics is a field of dentistry that deals with the restoration of lost and damaged teeth.

The installation of artificial dentures is necessary for patients to restore the smile and functionality of the oral cavity after the loss of their own teeth (due to injuries, gum disease, caries, malocclusion).

Dental prosthetics not only improves the appearance, but also plays a major role in restoring chewing function and maintaining oral health.

Let's consider what is useful for patients to know before installing a denture.

What is the benefit of dental prosthetics?

1. Restoration of chewing ability and correct diction.

2. Aesthetics. Modern dentures look natural and can significantly improve a smile.

3. Protection of the remaining teeth. Prosthetics prevent the displacement of the remaining teeth, reducing the risk of their loss.

Why do teeth fall out?

The loss of native teeth occurs due to injuries, caries, gum disease, malocclusion or a combination of several factors.

Another important reason why dentures are needed may be natural tooth wear. It appears gradually with age or because of bruxism (gnashing teeth at night).

Grinding teeth causes gradual thinning of the enamel, and in severe cases can cause tooth loss.

Types of dentures:

1. Removable dentures. They include full and partial dentures. Full dentures are used when the patient has lost all teeth in one jaw, and partial dentures are used when there are still teeth left.

2. Bridges on the teeth. They are used to fill the gap formed by one or more missing teeth. The bridge is attached to adjacent teeth or implants.

3. Bridges on implants. It is an advanced dental solution for the restoration of missing teeth. They are a combination of dental implants and bridges, providing durability and high aesthetics.

What do I need to know before dental prosthetics?

· The procedure for installing dentures may include several visits to the dentist for preparation, fingerprinting, fitting and adjustment of the prosthesis.

· Prosthetic care requires regular cleaning and, in some cases, special care.

· Getting used to prosthetics. It may take you a while to get used to artificial teeth.

· Doctor's choice. Before installing prostheses, compare the opinions and treatment plan of different doctors, their work experience, in order to choose the most suitable specialist.

How much does it cost to install a denture?

To select a treatment program in a particular case, the dentist must examine the patient's X-rays, including a panoramic X-ray.

The price of prostheses will depend on the materials, the type of prosthesis, the complexity of the work, the country, and the qualifications of the doctor.

An experienced doctor and a laboratory with high quality standards can charge a higher price for services.

High-quality prostheses with a long service life and warranty may cost more.

The cost of dentures may also be affected by the need for additional procedures. Such as tooth extraction, root treatment or implantation.

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of dentures in your particular case, it is worth consulting with one or more dentists.

Before setting the price, the doctor should examine the patient's X-rays, including a panoramic picture of the teeth. Bite scans and computed tomography can be informative.

How do I calculate the price of dentures online and find out information about the dentist?

To calculate the cost of dentures online in your case, upload your dental X-ray to this form and select the treatment options you are interested in.

Our system will send your information to relevant specialists in your area, city or country.

You will receive by email price offers and treatment programs from various dentists who are ready to take care of your treatment, without the need for telephone conversations with the clinic. It does not charge any hidden or explicit fees for calculating prices and forming a treatment program. Our online calculator of personal prices and programs is absolutely free.

You can view the profile of any doctor whose offer you are interested in, including information about his experience, education, services, place of work, clinic opportunities, clinic languages and more.

Dental prosthetics is an investment in your health, confidence and smile!

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