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Dentists nearby

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Get the best dental offers at the lowest price!

Get the best dental offers at the lowest price!

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World medicine is going digital


Global processes in recent years have given a powerful impetus to the digitalization of not only trade, but also medicine. In the post-Covid period, online communication with a doctor has become a common practice. Telemedicine - a digital way to find a doctor and remotely treat a patient - became a new reality.

The remote work format has become firmly established in Europe, the USA, Israel, and Russia. In a number of European capitals, up to 60% of office workers have switched to working online. The trend in searching for doctors has changed proportionally: patients have stopped looking for a clinic in the office area and are looking for one near their home.

Insurance companies include telemedicine as an additional option in their programs, and banks include it as a free option for holders of platinum premium cards.

Telemedicine in dentistry

The dental services market is also changing dramatically. Millions of patients around the world want to find a good dentist and dental implantologist nearby right now online.

Calling the clinic and word of mouth are a thing of the past; patients look through doctors’ profiles on the website and monitor reviews in search of the best specialist and at the same time the best price.

What makes us unique for doctors and patients?

The search for a dentist, dental surgeon and dental implantologist has long gone online. There are thousands of aggregator sites where you can find addresses and contacts of dental clinics.

However, they do not solve the patient's main problem. Millions of people around the world are still forced to make phone calls and go to doctors to find out and compare elementary things in different clinics - the price of dental implants, fillings, crowns, bridges and a dental treatment program specifically for themselves.

Fear of wasting time and nerves in order to learn simple fundamental information repels many patients from visiting clinics.

We offer a solution that satisfies both the dentist and the client.

The patient will be able to:

1.Upload your x-ray of teeth or jaws to the website to calculate prices online for yourself personally.

2. Receive by email a comparison table of prices for your treatment and personal program from

different dentists.

3. Contact a dentist whose price offer he likes.

4. Search for a dentist on an interactive map, view doctors’ profiles, and learn information about their education, experience, age, clinic, and treatment methods.

The dentist will be able to:

  1. Calculate the price online by looking at pictures of the patient’s teeth and other necessary information.

  2. Send a response to the patient with the click of one button - in a convenient, secure doctor’s office.

  3. Publish the doctor’s profile on the global interactive dentist search map

  4. Add information about himself, his contacts, and advantages of the clinic to the doctor's profile.

  5. Become a privileged partner of the website in case of purchase products for dental implantation on our affiliated website

Read more about the partnership and privileged partnership with here.

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