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Privacy policy (Privacy terms)

All forms on the (Site) that ask for personal information (name, address, email address, etc.) are secure and provide encrypted transmission over the Internet.

When calculating the cost of your treatment, the Site does not ask you for personal information such as occupation, or address of residence, as well as any financial information, including information about your bank accounts and income.

We strongly encourage you to remove personal information such as first and last name from the content of your files (including x-rays) that you upload to the Site.

If you do not delete such personal data from such files, we are not responsible for how this information will be used by third parties.

By using the Site, you agree that any personal or medical information you enter will be used by the Site to calculate the cost of your treatment. This also applies to the information in the filters that you specify when uploading your X-ray or other files.

Meanwhile, you agree that any files (images, text, X-ray files, videos) that you upload to the site will be transferred to third parties for a personalized calculation of the cost of your dental treatment. The site is not responsible for the further use of these materials by third parties.

The site is not responsible for the accuracy of the calculation of the cost, which will be made by third parties. This calculation is only informative and is intended to guide the patient, showing him only the approximate cost of treatment.

You agree that the price quotes you receive by email from on behalf of dentists may be changed up or down at the discretion of the dentist after your examination in the doctor's office or clinic.

You agree that you can find out the final cost of treatment only through direct contact with qualified medical professionals and/or dentists.

You understand that the Site is only an intermediary party between you and medical professionals.

You agree not to make claims to the Site for the information that you receive from third parties or medical professionals, as well as for the amount and frequency of information provided by them.

By using the site and entering your email, you agree to receive by mail any information that will be sent to you based on the data you entered. Including informational materials, promotional materials, special price offers, registration letters and more.

You understand and accept that you alone decide and are responsible for what information you provide to the Site.

To calculate the cost of your treatment, you agree to provide truthful information about your own condition, and not to distribute information and data about the state of health of third parties.

You agree that any Personal Data you upload to the Site is uploaded at your own risk and is not considered confidential information.

“Personal data” is any information that can be used to identify an individual or that we can directly link to an individual, such as name, address, email address, or health or treatment information.

Some examples of when we collect Personal Data:

·         You will register an account on the Site.

·         You upload X-rays or other files to the Site.

·         You ask us a question by contacting us; or add a cover letter to the doctor through our Site.

·         You are interacting with us as a partner, provider or their representative.

·         You purchase our product through our affiliate site.

We will process any Personal Data we collect in accordance with applicable law (except to the extent one of our other policies or notices applies). In some cases, if you do not wish to provide us with your information, certain Products or Services may not be available to you.


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